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#MoodleMootau2015 wrap up

Moodlemoot logoI am about to board a plane on my way home after the annual Moodle Conference in Melbourne. The many words I have heard and spoken over the last week are floating around in my head and the one I keep repeating is “Bricoleur”. A bricoleur is a tinkerer who constructs and sculpts using whatever comes to hand.

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Typical myths about learning management systems (LMSs)

""Learning management systems are one way to facilitate the task of online training. The effective use of a good LMS plays a huge role in maximising return on investment for a company. Therefore, companies need to understand how they can make the best of their LMS and use it to their advantage. This article is about the myths associated with LMSs.

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Building a business case for e-learning

e-LearningRunning a business, watching every cent you spend becomes second nature. Ensuring you get an ROI (or ROA) is critical. Building a business case is about the reality of making hard decisions about where to invest your resources. There are a lot of resources out there to support the development of a business case, so I thought I’d put some examples together to get you thinking.

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