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Learning design

DesignX Conference March 2014

Sketchnote of KeynoteLast week, KerryJ, Nat Denmeade and I packed up and spent a few days in Sydney and went to the iDesignX conference.

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What type of simulation to use? Thinking about taxonomy…

What is a simulation?Deanna Hutchinson and I have been working on a research project about simulations and we have been chatting about the underpinning concepts that we are working with. On one hand, we have worked with a set of definitions and assumptions. On the other, we also reflected… what is the perception of our readers.

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How do we engage our students?

Engaging StudentsA student walks into a campus. They are apprehensive about their first day as a student. There are signs telling them where to go, but they can’t find anyone to ask for help. As they walk through the bricked walls, they can see classrooms behind doors, but can see into the doors to work out if that is their room. They try to open a few doors, but they are all locked. They finally come across a door that is unlocked, when a person shooes them away.

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Gathering audio for assessment

Gathering AudioWhile video (audio/visual) evidence is becoming a more popular form of evidence, the gathering of audio isn’t as common. This is seen anecdotally, through talking with assessors, and is supported by recent national survey data that showed 68% of students surveyed reported there was no use of voice technologies in their course.1 Therefore, this indicates there is an opportunity to explore the use of voice technologies in the assessment process.

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Classroom reflections on using gamification techniques

This blog post is about classroom reflections on using gamification techniques to achieve learning outcomes. It is not about games in education (refer to my previous blog post for clarification on the difference).

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Gamification vs games

Gamification canvasGames and Play are a natural way to learn. Educational Games (or serious games) are designed to acquire or improve knowledge and skills as defined by learning outcomes. Designing a quality educational game requires skill and a high investment of time. On the other hand, Gamification is the use of game-like elements  in non-game contexts. For learning and development providers, this is an important difference. Games can be expensive to develop and implement, whereas gamification strategies can be simple and subtle. This is the first in a series of blog posts that explores gamification and how it can be applied in learning and development.

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MoodleMootau13 – a quick review

Watching a whole lot of Moodlers in a room getting excited about the new things in 2.5 and 2.6 was a great way to kick off MoodleMoot. The tweets were flying thick and fast! Martin Dougiamas took us through the development priorities, I am particularly excited about an assignment annotation tool that allows annotations on a PDF as well as the updated analytics and reporting functionality. Watch out for a Moodle MOOC being run in September 2013 – it will be huge. Martin’s presentation is available on slideshare.

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What are performance supports and why are they important

There is a significant difference between delivering accredited training and providing training services in an organisational context.

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Using PowerPoint for good (not evil)!

I’m a massive fan of PowerPoint (and Keynote) for e-learning – but not in the ‘death by PowerPoint’ way. I think we should chuck out the dot points and add images and videos. So in this post, I’m going to do a quick run through of some ways you can start to use PowerPoint to build engaging learning experiences.

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Instant engagement – just add video???

Engaging StudentsIn conversation recently, I overheard someone saying that they were having a hard time retaining students. So they decided that they were going to put more videos in their course. (I’m adding a disclaimer here is that this was an overheard conversation, so I can’t make comment on any of the other engagement strategies they used).

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