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Summary from EduTech 2016

EduTech logoIn the workplace learning stream there were some really interesting takeaways. Here is a brief summary of some of the standouts.

The team at Bupa shared some insights into their process of making their learning and development department a business partner in the organisation. They detailed their process of conducting a capability analysis (with over 35 metrics) and the implications for their department. They shared some brutally honest insights and from this place of embracing their opportunities for improvement they implemented changes to turn them into a business partner. The takeaways here are how critical it is for l&d to work closely in the business to align them with business strategy.

Along these lines, albeit in a smaller team and with significantly less resourcing, Linda from Harris Scarfe shared her recipe for developing a business case for a piece of training to more quickly implement business objectives. To do this, she participated in the development of the strategic objectives. It was a lot more sophisticated than this over simplification… You want to be there. The business is here. We can help you get there faster. By getting there faster we can save/make/grow/increase this in these metrics. If you want this, it will cost this much… She got her resourcing, ran the pilot and showed a growth in the right metrics and a decrease in wrong ones. Again, showing the positive effects when an l&d department is a partner in the business.

On the area of analytics, there was a great presentation on a brilliant tool  developed to look at issues within a call centre environment. The presenter (and it’s appalling of me to say I didn’t take his name), rocked us with stories of mulitversion series regression as only someone who loves stats can. The upside was a super cool dashboard that showed the following; Red (this is urgent), yellow (this needs attention) and green (it’s cool for now). Feedback from supervisors showed that this saved them 30 days of getting-to-know-you time and allowed them to more quickly identify potential issues and ensure they employees got the training they needed. Reinforcing L&d as business partners again.

Moving away from this theme, Denise Myerson (MCI) gave us a great reminder about learning and forgetting. If 80-90% of what is learned in a training intervention is lost after a few hours, what strategies are you implementing to beat the forgetting curve.

That’s by no means a full run down, but a summary of a few of the great presentations from the workplace learning congress. Main themes here are:

  • look at how you diagnose organisational problems and use this information to identify your pain points
  • work to be a business partner in your business
  • don’t forget the basics, this includes how people learn, how people forget and formalized PD plans for ourselves.

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