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MoodleMootau13 – a quick review

Watching a whole lot of Moodlers in a room getting excited about the new things in 2.5 and 2.6 was a great way to kick off MoodleMoot. The tweets were flying thick and fast! Martin Dougiamas took us through the development priorities, I am particularly excited about an assignment annotation tool that allows annotations on a PDF as well as the updated analytics and reporting functionality. Watch out for a Moodle MOOC being run in September 2013 – it will be huge. Martin’s presentation is available on slideshare.

A personal highlight was watching the dev guys from MoodleHQ presenting about their work. Mark Nelson’s introduction to his presentation is brilliant check it out at 18:40

Here are a few Klevar highlights.

Moodle for motivation

Nat Denmeade (the latest member of the Klevar Community) presented about her Moodle for Motivation tool. The tool provides a simple at-a-glance reference for starting to use gamified techniques in your Moodle course development. It’s based on Bartle’s Player Types: Achievers, Socialisers, Explorers and Killers and adapted from the Moodle Tool Guides produced by Joyce Seitzinger and Gavin Henrick. Watch this space for more blogs from Nat.

Moodle + Storyline – Headaches = Satisfaction

The ABC has been using Articulate Storyline to develop online content and then uploading that content as SCORM packages into Moodle. Previously, ABC used the native Moodle tools to build content. This was great – but subject matter experts lacked the ability to develop engaging online content and often the result was text heavy. Using Storyline allows the ABC to harness the power of Moodle, its integration with other systems and established workflows – while still building engaging content, easily accessible from mobile devices.

The SCORM outputs work well with Moodle – with a few tweaks and modifications to the settings. The process of working this out was extensive and involved testing material across users, browsers and devices.

Presenting with Sasha Malone, we provided support and information for anyone looking to use rapid e-learning tools with Moodle. We worked through our process of testing the SCORMs, what settings we adjusted (and why) as well as sharing our experiences.

Download the presentation here.

An audit of Moodle courses in a large VET provider

In late 2012, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) commissioned Klevar to do a research project on the state of e-learning across their VET programs. One component was an audit of existing Moodle sites. Along with Shaun Boyd, I provided an overview of the process of conducting the audit and the lessons learnt.

The audit tool we used was based on a rubric presented by Luke Powter at the 2012 Moodle Moot. We adapted it to meet NMIT needs as well as in consideration of eMM research on organisational e-maturity.

The audit was time consuming, but we were able to get detailed (and consistent) information to compare across faculties. This information was read in conjunction with the other components of the research and provides benchmarking data to measure the effectiveness of the interventions implemented as a result of the research recommendations.

Download the presentation here.

There were a number of stand-outs, including Frances Kneebone’s presentation (V2 Training) on analytics and I heard some great things about Mark Dreschler’s Masterclass. The Moodle community is made up of amazing people, it was great to get a chance to chat with so many people!!

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