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Enhance your brain in 2 minutes

Heard of power posing? No, I’m not talking about what lumpy body builders do when oiled up for the cameras – I’m talking body language.

Powerful people take up more space, they are more confident, more willing to take risk and more likely to participate in classrooms with their hands raised high and will actively contribute in professional discussions.

While online you can sometimes break through the dynamics that exist in a physical space, there are still those who need to be drawn out. What if you could help those learners who are less likely to contribute to come out a bit more – with a simple change of posture for two minutes and reinforcing that they belong where they are?

This 21 minute Ted Talk shares some fascinating research into body language, its effect on brain chemistry – and an amazing story of a woman who learned to fake it ’til she became it.

Stretch, take up a bit more space and get ready for inspiration!

Link to Any Cuddy video (opens in a new window)

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