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Gamification vs games

Gamification canvasGames and Play are a natural way to learn. Educational Games (or serious games) are designed to acquire or improve knowledge and skills as defined by learning outcomes. Designing a quality educational game requires skill and a high investment of time. On the other hand, Gamification is the use of game-like elements  in non-game contexts. For learning and development providers, this is an important difference. Games can be expensive to develop and implement, whereas gamification strategies can be simple and subtle. This is the first in a series of blog posts that explores gamification and how it can be applied in learning and development.

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Introduction to Augmented Reality for learning and development

What is Augmented reality?

Augmented reality is where a physical real world environment is ‘augmented’ by computer generated input, such as animations, videos, sound, graphics or GPS data. Generally, the ‘augmentation’ is in real time, such as adding notes to a location, scores to a football game or video to a graphic.

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Using PowerPoint for good (not evil)!

I’m a massive fan of PowerPoint (and Keynote) for e-learning – but not in the ‘death by PowerPoint’ way. I think we should chuck out the dot points and add images and videos. So in this post, I’m going to do a quick run through of some ways you can start to use PowerPoint to build engaging learning experiences.

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Instant engagement – just add video???

Engaging StudentsIn conversation recently, I overheard someone saying that they were having a hard time retaining students. So they decided that they were going to put more videos in their course. (I’m adding a disclaimer here is that this was an overheard conversation, so I can’t make comment on any of the other engagement strategies they used).

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Helping learners choose the wrong answer

When the brief calls for quick turn-around, self-paced, instructor/facilitator-free – despite the question type and a well thought out scenario with great feedback – most learners are going to focus on what they’ve been taught to target since they started their educational careers: choosing the RIGHT answer.

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Enhance your brain in 2 minutes

Heard of power posing? No, I’m not talking about what lumpy body builders do when oiled up for the cameras – I’m talking body language.

Powerful people take up more space, they are more confident, more willing to take risk and more likely to participate in classrooms with their hands raised high and will actively contribute in professional discussions.

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