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Controversy at EduTech 2016

EduTech logoBrisbane always puts its best face forward for EduTech, the weather was perfect… Although Brisbane weather is always pretty amazing. Over 6,500 delegates piled into the convention centre for edutech. Generally it didn’t feel like that many people, but with 8 streams we were broken up into different areas with a few shared keynotes.

Here’s a bit of a summary, with a focus the tension between the two keynotes Dame Susan Greenfield and a GoogleMaster.
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Top 10 tips to build confidence with online facilitation

Top 10 Tips to build confidence wit online facilitationIn June, I wrote my first top 10 list and I’m following up with another one. This time, the top 10 tips for building confidence with online facilitation.

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Top 10 tips for taking control of your professional development

Knowledge is PowerKnowledge is power – but how do you plug into new ideas when budget-conscious organisations are flipping the switch on professional development (PD)?

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How do we engage our students?

Engaging StudentsA student walks into a campus. They are apprehensive about their first day as a student. There are signs telling them where to go, but they can’t find anyone to ask for help. As they walk through the bricked walls, they can see classrooms behind doors, but can see into the doors to work out if that is their room. They try to open a few doors, but they are all locked. They finally come across a door that is unlocked, when a person shooes them away.

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George Siemens Master Class wrap up

George Siemens is an educator and researcher who looks at networks, analytics and education in digital environments. He is a pioneer in MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses). So it was an absolute thrill that Klevar was able to support Vanguard Visions in putting together a Master Class at the well appointed Flinders University Victoria Square campus followed by a networking session at RiAus.

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Gamification vs games

Gamification canvasGames and Play are a natural way to learn. Educational Games (or serious games) are designed to acquire or improve knowledge and skills as defined by learning outcomes. Designing a quality educational game requires skill and a high investment of time. On the other hand, Gamification is the use of game-like elements  in non-game contexts. For learning and development providers, this is an important difference. Games can be expensive to develop and implement, whereas gamification strategies can be simple and subtle. This is the first in a series of blog posts that explores gamification and how it can be applied in learning and development.

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Enhance your brain in 2 minutes

Heard of power posing? No, I’m not talking about what lumpy body builders do when oiled up for the cameras – I’m talking body language.

Powerful people take up more space, they are more confident, more willing to take risk and more likely to participate in classrooms with their hands raised high and will actively contribute in professional discussions.

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