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Articulate 3 is here

Are we seeing the end of the Articulate Storyline perpetual licenses with the release of Articulate 3 this month?

You’ll know what a huge fan we are of Storyline, so it is with a mixture of sadness and enthusiasm that we see the release of Storyline 3.

The official comparison table really shows that the only benefit of Storyline 3 is that it is a perpetual license. With Articulate 360, you get more than just Storyline, but also Rise, Review, Studio, Preso, Peek and access to the content libraries.

Realistically, the Articulate 360 price is reasonable, especially when you cost in the review tool (we have been using ReviewLink) and that content library – wow! Previously we have used e-learning brothers (who are awesome and have other templates than Storyline), but having access to a stock library in the subscription is pretty handy. Then adding in the other video editors and Rise, the savings from having it all in one product is high.

Comparison of the versions shows that Storyline 3 has some excellent features (especially the accessibility support and find and replace fonts) and being pragmatic, there is only so long that Articulate will release a concurrent update of Storyline 3 and 360 – which means an annual license will be of more value into the future.

So, you may ask… Storyline 3 vs Articulate 360?

It’s becoming time that if you are investing in a rapid e-learning tool, you should also be investing in the updates – so from that perspective, including the cost of the software into your annual budget should be a no-brainer. However, there are many people out there who have to fight to get these things included. So, beyond fighting to have Articulate 360 included in your annual budget, Storyline 3 is still an excellent product… if your requests for an ongoing budget is knocked back.

If you’d like more information on Articulate products and pricing, we are an official reseller – email us at

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