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AITD Conference review

This year saw delegates from all over attend a joint conference – the 40th ARTDO International Leadership and HRD Conference and AITD National Conference.  Speakers included Professor Robert O. Brinkerhoff, Dr Jane Bozarth, Dr John Wilson, Dr. Vinayshil Gautam and Les Pickett.

We chose this as the first conference we sponsored this year as there was a wide-ranging program, with lots of variety and high quality papers.

Learning and development is more than formal training interventions

Learning and development is about more than just the formal training interventions. This was reinforced by the two keynotes, Professor Robert O. Brinkerhoff and Jane Bozarth.

Robert talked about how learning and development departments can add value to the organization. He recognised that our courses are generally very good, and they keep getting better. What is critical is about how shift the perception of L&D as a cost centre, benefit with little relevance to how an organisation remains competitive in their Industry. He argued the contribution of L&D department should be to speed up the execution of organisational strategy. He offered some very useful advice on how to approach the evaluation of training, which includes pre, during and post work with the participants and their managers.

We have followed Jane for a while, and she was great. She showed some great examples of how social media can be used to enhance organisational learning outcomes, especially when considering informal learning.  She pulled out her mobile phone and referred to it as a ‘pocket performance aid’ (We’ll be using that one again!).

Time to move away from ‘e-learning’

As a personal reflection, for a long time I have had a distaste for the expression ‘e-learning’. This sounds like one person, a computer and that’s it. So we position ourselves a company that does learning and development with technology. Yes, we do e-learning, but this is just a part of it. Talking with other learning and development professionals, the vast majority agreed.

Being part of the conference showed that the depth of our profession is broad and we play a critical part of our organisation’s success.

A high point – launching our Augmented Reality services

Talking with people about their learning and development challenges, we showed a lot of people the Augmented Reality – and there was so much excitement. By sharing the technology, we brainstormed so many ways to use it – as an amazing opportunity for just-in-time, just-in-place training and performance aids. It was particularly cool to show Jane, and to have her tweet it within a few seconds (the photo above is Melanie and Paul with Jane).

This is one of the reasons we are focusing on Augmented Reality in May. We will be exploring some examples of how AR can be with by your ‘pocket performance aids’.

If you’d like to explore ways to ensure your learning and development initiatives are effective, get in touch with us

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