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About us

About us

Klevar is a learning and education company who specialise in the application of technology to achieve successful outcomes for learning and education.

We do this through our unique model that outlines our approach to achieving innovative, stable, sustainable outcomes.

We provide consultancy, project management, educational design and research as well as content development, front and backend technical solutions. Our approach is to consider the evidence base for solutions balanced with future proofing activities to ensure relevance for the future.

Our visions and values

Our vision is a world where every person can access engaging learning opportunities with no barriers – when and how they choose.

We solve learning and development problems with technology to achieve innovative solutions that deliver stable, measurable and quality outcomes to all involved.

We are passionate about your success.

You will see this in:

  • Quality outcomes through our focus on using evidence based practice in design and development of solutions.
  • Excellent customer service through our relationship driven approach.
  • Stable implementation of projects supported by our accountability and quality processes.
  • Innovative solutions developed through our curiosity about learning and pushing the boundaries of knowledge, regardless of what platform you are using.
  • Added value to you and your clients through capability building and knowledge sharing.
  • Efficiencies through sustainable practices and doing more with less.

We do this through our unique success oriented approach to achieving innovative, stable, sustainable outcomes.

What we do

We offer a range of services and products and our service provision falls into the following categories.

  • Klevar productions: is our production environment where we develop evidence-based, custom training products and services that allow organisations to embed e-learning into training and education.
  • Klevar ideas: consultancy services by staff with proven expertise and qualifications in both business and education, placing learning and development solutions in the context of overall business needs.
  • Klevar communities: describes our international networks of clients, educational and technology specialists sharing information and ideas around best practice.
  • Klevar events: are engaging, effective online professional events from local, national and international learning and development specialists as well as providing organisations with affordable, accessible live classroom solutions for their learners.
  • Klevar thinking: helps you channel the vast stream of information and research available on education, training and related technologies and business strategies into useful channels by conducting research, consolidating existing findings and providing actionable advice.
  • Klevar courses: provide high standard, online short courses and performance aids that will save training time and money for individuals and small to medium businesses.


Work with us

We have an international network of clients and educational / technology specialists as well as graphics designers, animators, video specialists all sharing information and ideas around best practice. If you are passionate about what you do then share your passion with us and our clients.Our community members come from broad backgrounds including:

  • Education, instructional / educational / learning design
  • Information technology
  • Graphic design
  • Multimedia production
  • Application design and development
  • Mobile learning
  • Trainers and facilitators
  • Researchers.

In order to keep those brilliant minds shining we provide a team environment, even if you are working on your own!

If you would like to join our community and work with Klevar as a contractor or consultant, contact us and if possible include links to your e-portfolio, CV and LinkedIn profile with recommendations.



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