Published on: Author: Melanie Worrall
What does your workforce need to know to help you implement your business strategy? Where are they now?

Workforce development is the implementation of a series of interventions to ensure your people are able to speed up your strategy implementation. Workforce development is about more than just solving issues with training.

We can work with you to to plan, develop and implement workforce development strategies. We have a range of consultative and practical services that will ensure your staff will help your organisation achieve its potential.

Workforce research and planning

How do you know if you have the workforce to face tomorrow’s challenges? Only thorough workforce planning can you be sure.

We will work with you to ensure there is a strong link between corporate and strategic objectives and explore future workforce implications.

Training needs analysis

With years of experience in conducting training needs analyses, we provide an experienced, objective service and work with your management team to ask the right questions, conduct qualitative and quantitative research – then provide recommendations on strategies that will help your organisation implement your goals.

A blended approach to workforce development

Change of any sort can cause a lot of stress for staff – the kind of stress that can lead to cognitive overload and reduce effectivness! Most staff need a combination of live interaction and online training to feel comfortable dealing with new tools, policies, procedures and/or structures.

We can help you with a range of services including research on best practice for your situation, recommendation and analysis, planning and strategy, content creation to support both face to face and online training and training delivery.

Performance aids and just-in-time training

The longer the time from training to workplace implementation, the greater the chances that the training won’t be effective. Performance aids can provide just in time (just-in-place) training to reinforce formal training interventions.

Our team of experienced learning professionals can work with your subject matter experts to help you support your staff and refresh the learning done online or face to face. These tools can include how to videos, mobile-friendly information modules, mentoring and coaching or paper-based job aids.


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