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Articulate 360 was released a week ago and this is big news… Why am I excited about Articulate 360?

There are a few reasons I think we should all be excited about Articulate 360 and explore it further.

Responsive authoring
While Storyline is good for lots of things, it hasn’t been able to author responsive content. The ability to author responsive content in rise is a great step forward for e-learning developers (and our learners).

Review tool
At the moment, we use a third tool to do our reviews of our Storyline courses. Being able to do it in the browser is something that will be brilliant. How much time and effort could you save if you didn’t have to collate comments in word and excel spreadsheets.

Video editing
The replay tool is good, but imagine if it was better! Being able to record and edit videos from the iPad, mac or PC means you have so many choices about where and when to edit your videos.

Constant updates
Articulate is pretty responsive in recording bugs and making updates, imagine how much better it will be to be working on the latest version of the software everytime you log in. This is a pretty attractive feature.

Team collaboration
We often have multiple developers working on project so being able to have a collaborative space for development is of huge value to us.

I’ve written this before doing a review so we can compare my pre-thoughts with my post-thoughts… More to come.

We are going to have a hot off the presses sneaky peek at Articulate 360 in a free webinar.

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Melanie Worrall

Melanie Worrall

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