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You are an RTO or university looking for support to develop engaging educational experiences for your students. We work with people like you for your students.

Our staff have worked in private RTOs, TAFEs and at the state and national levels in the Vocational Education and Training sector. So we have a breadth and depth of practical experience and research expertise you can tap into.

Our bespoke services are designed to be used either a la carte in support of your own efforts or to combine to create powerful solutions for your educational needs.

E-learning strategy development

National data shows 90% of students want at least a little e-learning in their courses, so if you are one of the 29% of RTOs who don’t have an e-learning strategy, there is a lot to navigate.

We have worked with a number of RTOs to develop and implement e-learning strategies. So, whether you envision face to face, blended or purely online training, we can help you develop an e-learning strategy (either stand alone or integrated with your business strategy) and develop steps to implement innovations.

Content development

Whether you are looking to develop content for a specific unit of competency, skill set or a training package, we can work with you from the initial analysis and planning phases through design and development, implementation and evaluation. We have expertise across the continuum of delivery options in developing dynamic, effective and engaging activities and content mapped to national qualifications and standards.

Have a look at some of the solutions we have worked on, our case studies (coming soon) for inspiration or our free resources to support what you do.

Facilitator support

When moving to an online environment, facilitators need support. In a National survey, 35% of lecturers aren’t confident in using e-learning. Lecturers have needs in the form of digital literacy, upskilling in the use of online tools and how to create exciting technology supported assessments that will satisfy the principles of assessment and rules of evidence.

We can also conduct capability analysis and research related to technology supported teaching within your existing infrastructure and report on and discuss our findings with you.

We provide bespoke training in the forms of workshops, information sessions, or a training programs aligned to Training Package units. Contact us today to discuss your organisation’s specific training needs.

Bespoke training

We provide customised training across a range of areas including:

  • the use of specific tools and platforms like: Moodle, Articulate studio/Storyline, webinar software, Prezi, YouTube, Google Apps, diigo, Gimp, Audacity, iMovie, Sony Vegas Video…
  • flipped classrooms and blended learning
  • digital skills such as HTML editing, digital image editing, document storage and management and research
  • BYOD (bring your own device) learning tasks and assessments that comply with best practice standards
  • learning analytics to improve course design and practice
  • issues and considerations in content development such as accessibility, LLN, mobile device use and more

LLN (Language, Literacy and Numeracy) consultation

As a 2011 report on LLN in the VET sector states, LLN support needs to be built in, not bolted on.

For RTOs, The consideration of Foundation Skills and LLN mapping are essential to producing quality courses that will result in the best possible learning and employability outcomes for participants. For in-house training, an understanding of LLN levels and support will result in a more productive workforce.

Our CEO has done specialist study in the area of LLN and can help you put together an LLN strategy that includes

  • creating effective workshops with your facilitators to identify LLN levels in the qualifications you deliver
  • integrating LLN assessment into your student induction
  • developing flexible learning options for students with LLN difficulties


E-assessment is a contested term, for us simply it refers to the use of technology in the assessment process. Although, generally people equate this with the collection of evidence. We can help you with your e-assessment regardless of what you call it.

The uptake of e-assessment across the VET sector is significantly less than the uptake of e-learning, which begs the question – Why? There are many reasons and we can walk you through the implementation of e-assessment (whatever e-assessment means to you) to make sure your assessments meet the rules of evidence.

Have a look at some of our assessment related projects: Peer assessment.

Other services

We also provide a range of other services to support RTOs. We can advise on innovative projects or courses, work with you to develop applications for funding or projects, put together training needs analyses and training plans as well as develop or contribute to a change management strategy to embed learning within your corporate structure and culture and then evaluate its efficacy.

Everything we do is evidence-based, but should you need research into specific areas of inquiry, our Klevar Thinking service can consolidate the most relevant research available and put it into context for you.

When the time comes to put advice and planning into action, our complementary services provided under Klevar Creations, Klevar Events and/or Klevar Courses can support you throughout the process with high quality, engaging solutions that meet international standards for design and accessibility.


Contact us for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

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