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#SimTect2015 #SimHealth2015 Wrap-up

Selfie board from the SimTect 2015 conference

Selfie board from the SimTect 2015 conference

Simulation Australasia really pulls out all the stops to make an amazing conference! Another SimTect and SimHealth conference is finished and we are left with a USB full of brilliant papers and a buzzing mind full of ideas – and if you were Garth from Thales, a selphie printer he won in our lucky draw competition.


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#MoodleMootau2015 wrap up

Moodlemoot logoI am about to board a plane on my way home after the annual Moodle Conference in Melbourne. The many words I have heard and spoken over the last week are floating around in my head and the one I keep repeating is “Bricoleur”. A bricoleur is a tinkerer who constructs and sculpts using whatever comes to hand.


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Top 10 tips to build confidence with online facilitation

Top 10 Tips to build confidence wit online facilitationIn June, I wrote my first top 10 list and I’m following up with another one. This time, the top 10 tips for building confidence with online facilitation.


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Moodle Evolution: Moodle Moot 2014 Wrapup

This year’s Australasian Moodle Moot’s theme was ‘Evolution’ – and the keynote address by Alec Couros swept us into the future with his vision of the educational potential offered by the tools of connectivity. The examples Alec shared of openness in education, networked learning, social media in education, digital citizenship, and critical media literacy were very inspiring and set the tone for an evolutionary conference.


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DesignX Conference March 2014

Sketchnote of KeynoteLast week, KerryJ, Nat Denmeade and I packed up and spent a few days in Sydney and went to the iDesignX conference.


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What type of simulation to use? Thinking about taxonomy…

What is a simulation?Deanna Hutchinson and I have been working on a research project about simulations and we have been chatting about the underpinning concepts that we are working with. On one hand, we have worked with a set of definitions and assumptions. On the other, we also reflected… what is the perception of our readers.


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Reflections on a dream

Schools Moodle Moot #smootau13
Reflections on a dreamI had a dream and I am still not sure if I am awake. The dream was about the Australian Schools Moodle Moot held in Sydney at the beginning of October. See this Storify collection of Tweets and resources:


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George Siemens Master Class wrap up

Melanie Worrall, KerryJ, Allison Miller and George Siemens.

Melanie Worrall, KerryJ, Allison Miller and George Siemens.

George Siemens is an educator and researcher who looks at networks, analytics and education in digital environments. He is a pioneer in MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses). So it was an absolute thrill that Klevar was able to support Vanguard Visions in putting together a Master Class at the well appointed Flinders University Victoria Square campus followed by a networking session at RiAus.

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MoodleMootau13 – a quick review

Moodlemoot 2013Watching a whole lot of Moodlers in a room getting excited about the new things in 2.5 and 2.6 was a great way to kick off MoodleMoot. The tweets were flying thick and fast! Martin Dougiamas took us through the development priorities, I am particularly excited about an assignment annotation tool that allows annotations on a PDF as well as the updated analytics and reporting functionality. Watch out for a Moodle MOOC being run in September 2013 – it will be huge. Martin’s presentation is available on slideshare.

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AITD Conference review

AITD Conference 2013

This year saw delegates from all over attend a joint conference – the 40th ARTDO International Leadership and HRD Conference and AITD National Conference.  Speakers included Professor Robert O. Brinkerhoff, Dr Jane Bozarth, Dr John Wilson, Dr. Vinayshil Gautam and Les Pickett.

We chose this as the first conference we sponsored this year as there was a wide-ranging program, with lots of variety and high quality papers.

Learning and development is more than formal training interventions

Learning and development is about more than just the formal training interventions. This was reinforced by the two keynotes, Professor Robert O. Brinkerhoff and Jane Bozarth.

Robert talked about how learning and development departments can add value to the organization. He recognised that our courses are generally very good, and they keep getting better. What is critical is about how shift the perception of L&D as a cost centre, benefit with little relevance to how an organisation remains competitive in their Industry. He argued the contribution of L&D department should be to speed up the execution of organisational strategy. He offered some very useful advice on how to approach the evaluation of training, which includes pre, during and post work with the participants and their managers.

We have followed Jane for a while, and she was great. She showed some great examples of how social media can be used to enhance organisational learning outcomes, especially when considering informal learning.  She pulled out her mobile phone and referred to it as a ‘pocket performance aid’ (We’ll be using that one again!).

Time to move away from ‘e-learning’

As a personal reflection, for a long time I have had a distaste for the expression ‘e-learning’. This sounds like one person, a computer and that’s it. So we position ourselves a company that does learning and development with technology. Yes, we do e-learning, but this is just a part of it. Talking with other learning and development professionals, the vast majority agreed.

Being part of the conference showed that the depth of our profession is broad and we play a critical part of our organisation’s success.

A high point – launching our Augmented Reality services

Talking with people about their learning and development challenges, we showed a lot of people the Augmented Reality – and there was so much excitement. By sharing the technology, we brainstormed so many ways to use it – as an amazing opportunity for just-in-time, just-in-place training and performance aids. It was particularly cool to show Jane, and to have her tweet it within a few seconds (the photo above is Melanie and Paul with Jane).

This is one of the reasons we are focusing on Augmented Reality in May. We will be exploring some examples of how AR can be with by your ‘pocket performance aids’.

If you’d like to explore ways to ensure your learning and development initiatives are effective, get in touch with us

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