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Published on: Author: Melanie Worrall

We are a passionate group of e-learning professionals with proven expertise in project management, educational design and development as well as the technical skills to provide accessible front end and back end technical solutions across a range of platforms.

With Klevar people who have proven expertise and qualifications in both business and education, we are uniquely placed to consult with and advise organisations on learning and development within the context of their overall business strategies to help them maximise the benefits of the technologies that are impacting and shaping our future.

Melanie Worrall (Managing Director)

Melanie Worrall is an Educational Designer who has been working in learning and development for over 12 years. She specialises in the research of how technology is being used and advice in how to use it better. Melanie provides management consultancy advice around e-assessment, compliance, organisational learning and development. She has been involved with:

  • Development and dissemination of e-assessment guidelines for the VET sector
  • Development of online content for both accredited and unaccredited training
  • Strategic planning for movement into online and mobile environments
  • Facilitation of professional development
  • Learning Materials development and review

She has a commitment to life-long learning and is the E-learning Network of Australasia (Elnet) Vice-president.

Greg Blight (Project Manager / Technical implementations)

Greg is a highly experience implementation manager who has worked on a number of large scale IT implementations. He has designed, configured, installed and transitioned various SharePoint facilities. These facilities have included SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 server farms and Office 365 in the cloud. He has successfully transitioned organisations from old servers to the Office 365 cloud environment. Including transitioning Exchange 2003 and 2008 systems with Active Directory synchronisation through to designing and building ADFS to better manage complex web based software systems.

Gabriel Cunnett (Senior graphic designer)

Gabriel has worked in a production environment for over 7 years. He has worked on various education and e-learning projects. Gabriel is a talented illustrator and has illustrated a children’s book.

Natalie Denmeade (Project Manager / Instructional designer)

Natalie has a wide range of experience in web technologies and e-learning. She is interested in the development of engaging online learning systems that are inclusive of a diverse audience. Her current passion is the integration of game elements into learning and has developed the Moodle for Motivation tool guide.

Samantha Smolarek (Web design and developer)



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