Published on: Author: Melanie Worrall

We help organisations, RTOs, universities, not-for-profit and government agencies plan and deliver effective, engaging education and training – face to face, online and every step in-between.

There is massive difference in approaches between education and learning and development. In an education context you want students to spend time in the learning process compare this with a workplace where you need to set your staff up to speed asap!

That’s why we’ve divided our site into two areas:

  • Klevar for Education – if you are an RTOs or university looking to develop educational experiences for your students
  • Klevar for Training – if you are a business looking for workforce development services

When you work with us, you get access to passionate group of education and training professionals with proven expertise in project management, educational design, development and technology integration as well as the technical skills to provide accessible front end and back end technical solutions across a range of platforms.

Looking for ideas?

Your issues, our research.

Outsource your R&D and get access to our collective knowledge, thinking and research – applied to your business.

Want new ways to look at things?

We  listen and work out the best way to achieve your outcomes, we are innovative, curious and creative.

If we can’t help, then we will try to find you someone who can.

Looking for content development?

Your content, our development team.

Achieve your outcomes faster with engaging, good looking and gamified content.

Looking for development opportunities?

Tell us what you want and we might be able to run it as part of our capability building series.

Have a look at our upcoming events to see the range of free events.


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